Jerusalem lost and found

Looking at Movit, I was uninspired. 2 hours and 46 minutes from my home to my meeting. 

A bus. A wait. Another bus. Another wait. Another bus.

On bus #2 I fell asleep and when I opened my eyes, they saw the hills of Jerusalem. They were covered in buildings and a rail line that weren’t there several years ago. But still, they were the hills of Jerusalem.

I thought, “What was I complaining about? I’m in Jerusalem. Jerusalem.” I thought, I wish I had a window on the other side so I could snap a picture of this and post it to my blog. Because… what?


Because I can get on a bus and go to Jerusalem, any time I want. It was moving to just think about this.

It’s an honor to be living in this place, at this time. 66 years of Israel. It is not the same Israel I came to 24 years ago. My children will never have the privilege that I had, to live in this country while it could still have some pretense of integrity.

I don’t know what our future is, but I know our leaders do not have a vision. Abba Eben wished for a country that was “normal” when he read the Swiss newspaper headline about someone injured in a road accident. We have a normal country now. Our headlines are just like everyone else’s. Being normal has given us iPhones but it is taking our soul. We still think we are Zionists but we have forgotten why, and we don’t know where we are going. 

About a week ago, my daughter got her ID card at a ceremony at her high school. They talked about the country and what it means to be a citizen and sang the anthem. 

I cried the whole time. I thought: 24 years. I thought: a quarter of a century ago I had the dream to raise my children in this country and I have achieved that dream. It took a quarter century, but look, my children have an identity that none of the generations before them had, and I doubt the next one will have. 

They is precious to me, these years when of being close to Jerusalem. It is precious to me, this heritage. And maybe 6 hours was a long time to spend on buses today. But today I am truly blessed.