RebeccaMayaEntrepreneur, global activist, world traveler, parent, gym rat, and human.


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  1. I’ve always respected the candor in your comments and conclusions. But here’s something for you to do sometime to reveal a new way of looking at your country and it’s policies. Arrange somehow, through all your contacts, to pose as a Palestinian for a week, not a public disclosure, but a courageous unknown posing as a Palestinian woman for seven days. You will see, feel and taste the policies of Israel as it protects and asserts itself in its “apartheidness.” As a former staff writer for the Christian Science Monitor I once spent a weekend on the streets of Providence, RI as a homeless person. It helped change my personal, political and humanitarian understanding, and I’ve never again looked at a homeless person with anything but sympathy and understanding about the policies affecting the homeless. I’m coming to Israel sometime within the next two months and would like to talk with you. David

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