Recapture the Joy!

I’m on the phone with my graphic artist, discussing the redesign of when there’s a tremendous outburst of laughter in the background from three teenage girls.

“Sorry about that,” I say. “That seems to just happen spontaneously, the loud teenage laughter.”JOYjoyjoy

“It happens,” he answers.

“That’s what I need,” I say. “The joy. Where did the joy go? Listen to them, they are loud and happy. What happened to that? I want that.”

“They don’t have so many worries,” he said. “I remember that. When you are enjoying yourself as a teen, the rest of the world doesn’t exist.”

“No, it’s not that. They are studying for a math test and they still  have the joy. They have worries we don’t have. Like, when we get a pimple, it’s like, ‘oh, well’  while they obsess about it all day. They have plenty of pressure with math tests and dance class and all that stuff they do. But they still have the joy. I’m going to do that. I’m going to recapture the joy.”

“You should do that,” he says.

“Yes, I’m going to do that. Right after I get that price estimate for printing my business card. Gotta go, have a call with a customer coming in.”